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Vitilem +
VITILEM + is a tremendous hope and support for people suffering from Vitiligo and psoriasis.
Everything we offer you has been prepared according to unique ancient recipes of non-traditional medicine, according to recipes which have proved admirable results.
Seeds of knowledge which had been developed in the course of thousands of years in the Tibet monasteries and in Siberian villages and which have been passed onto future generations by Indian gurus and by Chinese practitioners of traditional medicine, are not just recipes of a wise medical doctor. It is a complex system which approaches the human beings as particles of the universe and enables them to get rid of the diseases and to maintain and strengthen their health.

The product  VITILEM + has been specifically developed for the treatment of complex diseases such as Vitiligo and psoriasis.
The composition of this compound is Lemna.
Dermatologists of Russian and Chinese folk medicine successfully use Lemna herbal drug from Vitiligo and other skin diseases during long time.
Lemna since ancient times used for the treatment of Vitiligo in folk medicine.
VITILEM + manufactured in the Czech Republic.

VITILEM +   is a 100% natural product. It is made of lemna, honey, sorbitol and magnesium stearate. And  does not cause side effects in the treatment.

VITILEM + is also used to strengthen immunity. This is very important during periods of weakening the body.

The product is made in the Czech Republic and complies with all European standards.

VITILEM +  is certified in Russia and Europe

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