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Customers messages

Customers messages about VITILEM+

With our daughter Vitiligo broke out 6 years ago. Except of two ointments, we tried nothing more. Then, by our friends in Czech Republic, I coincidentlal discovered your pills. After 10,5 months we got rid of our spots. Cordial thanks to your team.

Sarah K. (CH)

I pursued the topic "Lemna" in a forum from the start, although my wife was sceptical. After 11 months of taking the Vitilem pills, there are no spots ti see on our son. I can recommend this product to everyone, who has children with Vitiligo.

Klaus R. (D)

We needed to take Vitilem 9,5 months to get away Vitiligo. Our daughter got Vitiligo when she was 5 years old; now she is 15. I really have to praise you, for this product invention!

Elena S.(D)

I am taking Vitilem since 5 months. But now the first signs of repigmentation are to be seen. It gives me hope, that the pills still work. Thanks.

Regina B.(FIN)

I have Vitiligo since 10 years. I take Vitilem since 6 months. The brown points come. Even if these can`t be seen as great successes. But I am also greatful for every small ones. In addition it is important to me, that I haven`t got new spots since then. Thank you.

 Markus K.(A)

For me is your Vitilem no disappointment. I have already tried several stuff. I take Vitilem for one year. Only after 8,5 months I reaches a 100% repigmentation in my face. On my hands I still have white spots, but  no new. I`m really happy! I would like to thank you all.

Nikolai P.(RU)

I finally managed it to persuade my parents, to buy Vitilem for my sister. I believe that the pills will help, after I became acquainted with a girl, who was healed with Lemna and Vitilem. I will support my sister and encourage her. And I will inform you about our results.

Selina V.(D)

I take Vitilem since 5 months. I only had one spot on the cheek. (1 y. old) Now the spot is gone. Discovered your product just at the right time!

Simone C.( I )

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